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i was in here a while ago
then i fell in love with a girl
my best friend for 7 years
it was great
"official" for 6 months
i got her to quit drinking, smoking. not for me but her
we were in love.
she cheated, and didn't care anymore. made my life suck.
then right after she first cheated, she got fucked up and fucked by that same guy
it disgusts me
and i'm back into single life, thinking you can't change anyone, and that love is fucked.

jim, 18, oceanside (near san diego) going to attend Northern Arizona Unversity in flagstaff though in aug.
i like girls yeah... i wish i was gay girls they fuckign brainwash you man.
i hear opposites are bad to date. but i don't know, i just fall in love. so whatever comes i take it. sorry for the long post, i just rejoined and wished someone who shared my values and wasn't fucking "fashioncore!!" would end up with me.
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