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Brand, never took the wraping off, New

Name Jeremy 
Age  17 
Location Westford, MA
Sexual Preference Girls
Music  R.E.M. , Taking back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Autopilot Off, Snow Patrol, and thats just to name a few. but bassically, emo, punk, and alternative, with some rock mixed in.
What you look for in someone  Some one who is real, cares about others, and doesnt really care what other think. And some one who will get to know someone by talking to them, not just looking at who ever and walking away never really knowing anything about that person. Bassically some one who wont care how I act but cares about me.
Other stuff  I work in a theatre in Westford, I dont go to many concerts, and I live a life a Techie, no one respects you but yet they have to listen to you. I have a great group of core firends that know me, but outside them, no one really cares. Im not exactly sXe, but I follow the morals of it, The ideal is not really followed in my school, as much as you think it might be, I just dont go proclaiming i am sXe. but I am, at heart.

AIM -  Pockets990    if you want to chat. (I am almost never at my computer, dont expect to get a reply right away, sorry about that)
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