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Name: John
Age: 15
Location: St. Albans, WV
Sexual Preference: Female
Music: Underoath, The Agony Scene, Atreyu, Silverstein, As I Lay Dying, Blindside, Stretch Arm Strong, The Doors, Anti-flag, TBS, Lamb of God, Throwdown, Hatebreed, Evergreen Terrace, Holden Caulfield, many more ask and Ill tell you if i like them
What you look for in someone: Well someone i can get alone with, of course. Funny, likes to cuddle, yeh im a sucker for the sappy stuff. *shrug* Someone not afraid to be themselves. No sluts...that's just nasty. But yeh...
Other info: I wrestle, ive been doing it for 5 years, I love it. I follow Christian beliefs, Im always trying to stregnten my Faith, but its hard these days, but im not afarid to admit it. So yeh.

IM me at: Tulips4reBetter I just made that one, im not sure if ill keep it or not, we shall see
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