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hey, everyone

Hi there. I am new to this community, so I figured that I'd make my intro entry. Here goes:

Name: Kellie (a selected few call me Kellie Marie)
Age: 18

Location: Amherst, MA for college; Pepperell, MA for home; occasionally Brockton, MA for my uhh other home

Sexual Preference: I fancy the gentlemen =)

Music: Well, this includes a lot of typing on my behalf, so I'll just put a few broad categories out there and if you want to know specifics, then you can contact me through AIM and/or e-mail.
-Classic Rock
-Some Pop
-Some Jazz
-Some Rap/R&B/Hip-hop
- ...and probably some other categories, which I'll have to get back to you on =)

What I look for in someone: First and foremost, I look for someone who tends to follow the non-alcohol/substance using person who does not smoke and does not partake in promiscuous activity; this is half of the battle. Beyond this, I tend to look for someone who is witty, well-read, has the ability to hold an intellectually stimulating conversation, and again, I'm probably forgetting a few qualities, but's 1:40 or so in the am. Please forgive me.

Feel free to IM or e-mail me if you have any further questions or you just feel like talking.
AIM: IRiShBeAuTy1286
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