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This community is a great idea! Tell all your sXe friends to post..

I used to think it would be alright if my partner drank or smoked, but now I have evolved so far in my anti-drug views, that really cannot be acceptable to me anymore. I personally hate alcohol more than tobacco. The sad deal is that it's hard to find a complete teetotaling woman.

I just hope there is some teetotaling woman (18+) reading this community right now, if so come my way, because sXe women rock hardcore! It rock in a major way to hook up with a sXe woman!

Brand, never took the wraping off, New

Name Jeremy 
Age  17 
Location Westford, MA
Sexual Preference Girls
Music  R.E.M. , Taking back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, Autopilot Off, Snow Patrol, and thats just to name a few. but bassically, emo, punk, and alternative, with some rock mixed in.
What you look for in someone  Some one who is real, cares about others, and doesnt really care what other think. And some one who will get to know someone by talking to them, not just looking at who ever and walking away never really knowing anything about that person. Bassically some one who wont care how I act but cares about me.
Other stuff  I work in a theatre in Westford, I dont go to many concerts, and I live a life a Techie, no one respects you but yet they have to listen to you. I have a great group of core firends that know me, but outside them, no one really cares. Im not exactly sXe, but I follow the morals of it, The ideal is not really followed in my school, as much as you think it might be, I just dont go proclaiming i am sXe. but I am, at heart.

AIM -  Pockets990    if you want to chat. (I am almost never at my computer, dont expect to get a reply right away, sorry about that)
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Name: Stephanie
Age: 15
Location: New York
Sexual Preference: I like boys
Music: I'm an emo junkie but I also love punk, ska, alternative, and some heavy stuff. Some of my fav bands are Something Corporate, Taking Back Sunday, Hidden in Plain View, First To Last, The Spill Canvas, Senses Fail, Reel Big Fish, Trapt, Story of the Year, Slipknot, Jack Off Jill, MXPX, Brand New, and so much more.
What you look for in someone: I like a guy who's funny, nice, kind of smart, likes similar music to me, sweet, goofy, and just a genuinely a good person.

I <3 friends
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Name:Stephanie "luna"
Age: 21
Location : houston texas
Sexual Preference: male
Music: no doubt, vanessa carlton, rolling stones, the who, "weird" Al yankovic,jimmy fallon etc.
What you look for in someone? : someone at least 21 yrs old, christian, someone that can make me laugh, someone to talk to.
sing me anything


Name- Ashley
Age- 17
Location- Lakeland, FL
Sexual preference- I like men
Music- I'm have a very diverse taste in music. I pretty much like everything but rap and r&b.My tase is mostly punk/emo though. mostly dashboard and brand new. Stuff like that.
What I look for in a person- hmm...tall, musically inclined because I have to have someone who understands my passion for music, older than me, I've noticed I perfer the kinda chubby guys. Not fat, just a little chubby. I think thats all
Other stuff- I play flute. Plan to major in music. But I'm not one of those stuffy loser musicians that you normally think of when you think of being in band.
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new... =)

Name: Nana.

Gender: girl.

Age: 16.

Location: san diego, california.

Sexual Preference: boys, boys, boys. gotta love those boys.

Music: my favorite band is avenged sevenfold, but then again, i love atreyu too. I also like AFI, dashboard confessional, taking back sunday, brand new, dimmu borgir, children of bodom, the black dahlia murder, cursive, coheed and cambria, the cure, joy division, juliana theory, the damned, pretty girls make graves, emery, my chemical romance, finch, flogging molly, horrorpops, nekromantix, tiger army, story of the year, the used, swindle, smashing pumpkins, social distortion, boys night out, underoath, slick shoes, etc etc etc. and the list goes on.

What you look for in someone: mainly i look for a great sense of humor, a gentle soul, and a great personality. being edge isn't like, the most important thing i look for in a guy, but i'd really much rather have a guy that doesn't smoke or drink, seeing as how i don't do either of those two things and I don't really like to surround myself with people that do. also, i look for taste in music. i'm pretty much open to anything but it's so much cooler when you can relate to someone musically. hehe...yeah...and i like boys in eyeliner. that's hot. haha.

Other stuff: IM me sometime at doIIfacex or deviousxdame--if i'm not on one, i'm on the yeah, IM me if you're interested, I don't bite...hard...unless asked... =)
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Name: Eric

Age: 16

Location: stoughton mass

Sexual Preference: girls

Music: mental, righteous jams, firstblood, youth of today, until the end, ssd, chain of strength, bury your dead, ten yard fight, madball...

What you look for in someone: number one thing, straight edge. funny, smart, honest, be able to carry an interesting conversation, likes the same things as me. i like short girls with short hair, girls who will go out to eat with me, girls who like to cuddle and go everywhere with me and not be afraid to be seen with me..ya know the usual stuff i geuss

Other stuff: i like alot of rap, i dress gangsta most of the time so you may be fooled if you see me. oh umm look at me on my myspace page
IM me anytime you want, any of you :) s/n: chilla than most
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i was in here a while ago
then i fell in love with a girl
my best friend for 7 years
it was great
"official" for 6 months
i got her to quit drinking, smoking. not for me but her
we were in love.
she cheated, and didn't care anymore. made my life suck.
then right after she first cheated, she got fucked up and fucked by that same guy
it disgusts me
and i'm back into single life, thinking you can't change anyone, and that love is fucked.

jim, 18, oceanside (near san diego) going to attend Northern Arizona Unversity in flagstaff though in aug.
i like girls yeah... i wish i was gay girls they fuckign brainwash you man.
i hear opposites are bad to date. but i don't know, i just fall in love. so whatever comes i take it. sorry for the long post, i just rejoined and wished someone who shared my values and wasn't fucking "fashioncore!!" would end up with me.
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